Monday, July 6, 2009


Munson is in good shape today. Our past work day’s efforts held up well to the rains. The recent burn is beautiful. The fire protection sleeves on the sign legs seemed to have done the job fighting off flames or the fire crew put down a little water to protect them. Either way the signs survived. As did the fence and information kiosk at the entrance to the St. Marks Trail. Most of the Carsonite post remained as well. Mr. Rogers might have some re-blazing to do.

Munson sure does like the fires.

The Yucca plants are in full bloom.

I saw another long time rider on the trail tonight as Colter and I did a casual loop. I hate it when I can’t remember names but I do remember the rider. He’s from 10 or 15 years back. He has been one of the regular users of the trail. You’ve probably seen him but don’t realize, like you, how much time he has spent riding those sand hills, absorbing the nuances that etch that trail in our minds.