Thursday, September 3, 2009

Flowers of Munson Hills

Here are the next set of flowers. Some of these my not be blooming right now.


  1. Not sure about the first one not enough detail.

    The second one is possibly Centrosema virginianum or Clitoria macrophylla or marianas

    Third and fifth are either Liatris or Carphephorus - not sure which one.

    Wes Lucas

  2. Holy blast for the past! Wes, I had to read that twice, to be sure I had it right. Good to see you are still in touch with the T-town mountain bike crew. Hope all is well. Are you still in ATL?

  3. #1 phlox, need to examine closely for exact species. #3 ironweed (Vernonia sp.), #4 Phlox, #5 is deertongue (Carphephorus sp.)